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House clearance can be the two words that are enough to send shivers down your spine. 

The thought of where to start, how many boxes you will need, how much time you need to set aside to clear out each room, and more.  

But don’t panic.

This is where Surrey House Clearance comes in. 

Trust us, with a good team and a methodical plan in place, house clearance doesn’t have to be stressful; it simply becomes more efficient.

What is a house clearance?

House clearance involves removing all household items from a property – and we mean removing everything. 

Whether you’re moving home, have a property you want to prepare for sale, need to clean a home after a death, or are facing a hoarding disorder – house clearances provide a vital function and help you achieve your objectives in the best way possible.

Helping you with the removal of furniture, appliances, electronics, rubbish, and more – house clearance is a simple way to remove everything from your home all in one go.

House clearance preparation tips

Our team has pulled together what we believe to be the top tips for ensuring your house clearance goes as smoothly as possible. Starting with… 

Separating your “stuff”

When clearing a home, realistically, only some things will go to the same place. This is where separation comes in. Identify initially items that will stay, items that you will need to dispose of, and items you could donate. Place items into distinct categories, either storing them in the same location or using a traffic light system to make them easily identifiable. For example, green means go, amber means donate, and red means dispose of.

This is the longest part of the process, as we understand that a lot of emotion can be involved, and certain items are sentimental. Make sure to set aside time before the house clearance date to allow you to process this, so you’re not rushing or leaving everything until the last minute.

From here, you can then separate items further, i.e., breakables, valuables, etc. Make sure to label EVERYTHING. You need to make sure everything is clear to avoid accidentally disposing of something you want to keep.

Keep electronics together

As you prepare for a house clearance and start to conquer and divide items, it’s essential that you keep all electricals that you would like to dispose of separately. This is important because all electronics must be disposed of separately from general waste under WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations, or you risk a hefty fine.

Wrap items appropriately

As part of house clearance services, wrapping certain items may be required. This should be dictated and carried out by the property owners, ensuring that sharp items and breakables are wrapped and packaged appropriately. You need to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Dismantle larger furniture

If you have any furniture such as tables, beds, etc that can be dismantled beforehand we would recommend doing this. This will save a considerable amount of time on the day of the house clearance and can provide you with more space to manoeuvre around.


House clearances can occur at any time, anywhere; unfortunately, typing into Google “house clearance near me” will not show if your neighbour has scheduled a house move on the same day as you plan a back garden birthday party, so it’s essential that you communicate.

Letting your neighbours know what is happening and when is seen as courteous and minimises inconvenience as they have been pre-warned about potential noise and disruption.

You must also communicate with your house clearance team to avoid confusion and lists and instructions being lost in translation. Go into as much detail as possible, so everyone understands what needs to be done. This can also help provide you with an accurate quote, ensuring there are no hidden charges or add-on extras at the end. 

Do you have any special requirements?

If there is something in particular or peculiar about your house clearance, let your Surrey house clearance team know. 

For example, do you want to send certain items to a specific charity? Location? Are they separate from other items in the house? Are you working to set times? 

For rubbish, would you like your removal team to dispose of it? Do you have a skip, local depot, etc.? 

Always work with a reputable company

There are many, and we mean many, people with a van who claim they can carry out house clearances on your behalf, but beware, you need to do your research.

Make sure to check and ask for their removal licences and insurance to make sure the company in question is fit to carry out the work.

Ask for references. Are their employees fully insured

Professional house clearance teams should be on hand to help streamline the process, helping with the lifting and carrying and providing you with peace of mind that everything is in safe hands.

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House clearance in Surrey

When preparing for a house clearance, making a plan and breaking the steps down into more manageable stages can significantly help ease the pressure. 

For a smooth and stress-free house clearance, call the professionals at 07778 577185 today or email for further information; we’d be happy to help.