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There are a lot of house clearance companies, individuals, and people with a van willing to help you carry out a house clearance.

However, you need to choose a house clearance company that is the right fit for you.

One that can meet your expectations, carry out what you require them to, and stick to your budget without firing any hidden charges at you.

Ultimately, making the wrong decision can cost you in more ways than one.

At Surrey House Clearance and Removals, we know that you want, no, you need a good, high-quality service, and we understand that having peace of mind that you’re working with a team of professionals is key.

That’s why we’ve put together some key questions to ask your house clearance company to ensure you have a seamless, stress-free experience.

Questions to ask a house clearance company

Do you have appropriate licence and insurance?

This should be one of the first questions you ask your potential house clearance team. You need to know that they can meet all industry regulations and legal requirements, carry the proper waste removal licences, be fully registered, etc – if not, you, as well as them, could face hefty fines.

Ask them to show you their certificates and documentation. You need to ensure authenticity and that insurance policies are valid.

Valid insurance policies also cover you if anything is accidentally broken during the move or if an accident occurs to one of the clearance removers.

What is their experience?

Knowing the team has experience in clearing different property types can help fill you with confidence that they can help with yours.

Not all clearance companies have the same level of experience or experience with the same property types, so it’s important to find out if they’re capable of helping you with private homes, garages, flats, commercial premises, etc.

Do they have the appropriate removal van?

The property size and your requirements, i.e., the number of boxes, furniture, appliances, etc., will depend on the van required. Can the company support you with this? Do they have a fleet? Will they have to hire additional vehicles? Do several trips, etc.

How many employees do they have?

For a standard house clearance, we would recommend a team of three. Smaller properties, of course, require less, and larger properties require more.

Does the team wear a uniform? Are they trained? Experienced? Have they had their DBS checks?

Do you need to stay?

Do you have to stay in the property while it’s being cleared? It is often best that you stay to oversee everything, check boxes are heading in the right direction, and that your belongings are being cared for properly, however, this isn’t always required.

What areas do they cover?

Does the company work in catchment zones? Do they charge extra for areas outside of this catchment? Can you minimise these costs if you opt for a more local clearance company?

How much time is required to clear the house? 

Finding out how long the Surrey house clearance team will require will help you determine how much time you need to sort and organise your items. Timing will depend on the property type; however, for a standard-size property, we estimate taking half a day for clearance; however, this is on the premise that items are organised and structured, and you have an experienced team on your side.

What happens to the items collected?

What does the team do with the items collected that are due to be disposed of? Are they disposing of these appropriately and not fly-tipping? Do they recycle, donate, do they work with any charities?

Do you offer a free quote?

When looking for “house clearance near me,” it is always worth speaking to more than one company and getting more than one quote. This lets you compare prices and gives you an idea of costs before you sign on the dotted line. This allows you to prioritise your needs and wants and fit everything with your timescales and, most importantly, budget.

We would also recommend asking if this is the complete price and no hidden charges are added toward the end.

Can you talk to the team directly?

Is there an open line of communication? Can you speak directly with the team carrying out the house clearance services? If you have a house clearance query, who do you contact?

Is there also an opportunity to ask for testimonials/other customer feedback? Is this provided willingly? 

What payment options are available?

Various payment options offer convenience but beware of companies that only accept cash as payment.

House clearance in Surrey

Not all companies will offer the same high-quality services, and you need to be able to identify the good from the….not so good – a company that can fulfil all your needs.

To help make your house clearance as smooth as possible, ask as many house clearance questions as you need to put your mind at rest.

If you have a specific question in mind, why not ask our trusted and experienced team by emailing We look forward to hearing from you.