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Household waste clearance is a service that homeowners often use before moving house or when they are undergoing a huge clear-out or renovation. When it comes to household waste removal, there are many types of waste which our team can support you with removing. The type of waste may impact the removal process, but on, you’ll find more information about the services we offer. Let’s have a look at the most common types of household waste that you might need to remove to make your home more organised in the future.

Liquid Waste

While some liquid waste such as water and other drinks can be poured straight down your drain, this isn’t the case at all with other types of liquid waste. This type of waste is very common in restaurants and homes and could include detergents and contaminated water. The reason this type of waste needs to be disposed of properly is so that you don’t make any negative impact on the environment. We recommend using a Godalming house clearance service when you have large amounts of liquid waste to ensure it is disposed of safely and effectively. Always check carefully before pouring any liquid down the drain to avoid harming the environment.

Solid Waste

One of the most common types of household waste clearance we offer is for solid waste. This category of waste is very broad and encompasses a wide variety of materials. Plastic waste is very common in homes, and many plastic bottles and containers can easily be recycled by most local councils. We can all play our part in protecting the environment, and recycling is one of the easiest ways to do this. Paper waste is also easily recyclable, so make sure you sort your cardboard, papers and magazines before disposing of them.

Other types of solid waste that house clearance in Surrey can help you with include glass and ceramics. You may need to find specialist recycling places for these, which is why you might turn to our team for help. Metal and tin products and containers can often be recycled or reused and our team knows the best way to dispose of both of these materials too. Just as with liquid products, disposing of solid materials incorrectly can cause harm to the environment. By making good choices each day and taking a few minutes to separate your waste, you can make a big difference to the impact you make on the world around you.

Organic Waste

Organic waste is something that every homeowner will produce as it is the type of waste we get from food and our garden. This type of waste can be transformed into manure, and it’s why you should dispose of it properly to ensure it is recycled effectively. Try to avoid throwing organic waste into a regular bin, as this will stop it from being reused. If you have a large amount of organic waste you may want to find a company that can support you with disposing this. Restaurants and food outlets naturally have a large amount of organic waste, and they can play their part in protecting the environment by separating this waste properly.

Commercial Waste

Homeowners may not find they have this type of waste as much, but if you are renovating your home, there’s a strong chance you’ll end up with building or commercial waste. Businesses deal with this kind of waste on a daily basis, and it is often much larger and harder to handle by yourself. Commercial waste or household waste disposal teams can advise you about the best ways to dispose of this type of waste in a safe and effective way.

How Can a Waste Clearance Company Help You?

A waste clearance company can support you in collecting any type of waste. Our team will work with you to understand the type of waste you have currently and the timeframe for disposing of the waste. We strive to help homeowners reduce their impact on the environment and work together to make the world a better place. A waste clearance company knows that there are many challenges involved with moving house or renovating a properly, and we are here to take some of the pressure off you to ensure that this time of change runs as smoothly as possible.

Are you looking for support with household waste removal? Our team will be here to help you dispose of any type of waste that is too large to put in your regular garbage bins. Contact our team today to learn more about the services we offer or to discuss any questions you have about this topic. We’ll be happy to share our top tips for waste disposal and support you in protecting the environment when dealing with a large amount of waste.